I am part of BBC Hereford & Worcester's Station Sound triad, and took home silver in the BBC's annual Frank Gillard Awards for 'Excellence in Production'.

Combining long term planning and honing of campaigns, with short turn around trails to match the "vibe" of the moment, our station voice reflects our presenters on air – fantastic storytelling and entertainment. For our homemade trails, we script them, then edit the resulting audio using Adobe Audition, and schedule them with thought to avoid over-playing but ensuring our main messages hit audiences at key times.

Some of my favourite campaigns include:

Andrew Easton – after noticing that previous trails didn't capture what I thought was the essence of his show, I helped set up a dry rot of his programme, to allow us to clip his punch lines delivered over the introductions of songs and jingles.

Worcestershire County Cricket 2017 – I wanted to deliver a campaign that would use the same imaging across the cricket season, with changes in tone that would reflect the changing formats. The campaign proved to be a success

BBC Music Introducing in Hereford & Worcester – I love working with the different sound that the BBC Introducing show brings to the station, and the challenge of making that sit well with the weekday daytime demographic of the station. After working out that selling the show lay in its success stories, I worked with its presenter to create two weeks of trails – which now live on, in edited form, as the programme opener.